Roof Replacement

Home in north sydney with new metal roof installed by green scope

The experienced team at Green Scope Guttering and Roofing offer a great range of re-roofing services for both home and commercial buildings throughout Sydney. We can remove your old tile or metal roof and offer a roof replacement using the best Colorbond steel, this will look great and give you the assurance you need to sleep easy through the next major storm.

There are a range of reasons you may need to replace your roof it can be anything from storm damage, poor design, bad installation or just old age.

Colorbond Roofing

When it comes to new roofing in Sydney, installing a metal roof from the Colorbond® range makes perfect sense. Here’s why:

  • It adds immediate value to your home
  • It’s strong, secure, and sound
  • With correct installation requires very little maintenance
  • It improves the look of your property

When installing metal roofing, we work exclusively with Colorbond steel products because, after many years in the business, we believe the range of colours and profiles they offer can complement any building design.

Colorbond Steel is developed specifically to be the most robust roofing material for the harsh Australian climate. Throughout a typical year in Sydney we experience high temperatures and intense sunlight, as well as cyclone level winds and intense rainfall. Colorbond is the only roofing material with such a longstanding trusted relationship with so many Australians.

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At Greenscope we also offer a comprehensive polycarbonate roof replacement. Give us a call for a free quote if your polycarbonate roof is ready for replacement. Common problems are;

  • Hail Damage
  • Discolouration
  • Leaking
  • Rotten timbers
  • Rusted flashing