Stain & Moss Removal Sydney


Kieran of Green scope roofing replacing tiles on a roof in north sydney overlooking the bay


The Green Scope team can remove all stains and moss with our Eco solution, specialised to remove tough moss from a tiled surface at a large housing estate.

Moss removal without pressure washing. Avoid costly damage by removing your moss stains with our strong solution.

Our low contact moss removal is the only way to guarantee no damage to your roof during cleaning, high pressure cleaning will provide an instant clean but does nothing to prevent future growth and there is a high risk of roof damage and internal water damage.

Our team will come and spray the commercial grade moss remover over the entire roof, then come back in four months for a second coat. Within 8 months all moss and lichen will be removed from the roof.

Benefits of Stain & Moss Removal

  • better air circulation in tiled roofs.
  • 100% damage free process.
  •  free roof inspection with every clean.
  • prevents future growth unlike high pressure clean.
  • leaving moss on ceramic tiles makes them prone to cracking and future damage.

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